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Salmon — the Legend of Scandinavia. Part 3
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Salmon — the Legend of Scandinavia. Part 3

My name is Vladimir Kochnev, I am from Astrakhan. My city is located in the south of European Russia, where the river Volga runs into the Caspian Sea. A native of Astrakhan cannot exist without fishing, the same way as you cannot imagine Moscow without the Red square, America without the Statue of Liberty and Finland without Santa Claus. It is easier to say what kind of fish we do not have in Astrakhan, rather than listing those we have. For instance, there is no salmon. That is why as a person who loves fishing,I am going to countries where. I can find it, such as Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland!

Icy road conditions in many parts of Iceland today

Nesjavallaleið in South Iceland.
Travellers are urged to take care when travelling in Iceland today due to autumn's first really icy road conditions.

Icelanders already looking to book flights for FIFA World Cup in Russia

<img style=«margin:0 1em 1em 0;» align=«left» alt=«A lot of Icelanders want to support „our boys“ at the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018.» src=«»/>
Travel agencies in Iceland are already receiving requests from Icelanders looking for flights to Russia for the FIFA World Cup next summer.

Left Green Movement in the lead with 21,8%

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, leader of the Left Green Movement in Iceland.
According to a new survey by marketing company MMR, the Left Green Movement have the most following in Iceland with 21.8% of votes.

German Federal Bureau of Investigation passes information on former PM to Icelandic tax authorities

Former PM Gunnlaugsson alludes to a conspiracy against him.
An article in German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung states that the German Federal Bureau of Investigation has passed information to Icelandic tax authorities on matters regarding former PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. This has been confirmed by tax authorities in Iceland. The information is based on investigation of the Panama Papers.

Birna's mother: "Not right to connect these terrible events to Birna's memory"

Birna Brjánsdóttir was murdered in January in a case that shook the nation.
It isn't right to connect the terrible events that occurred for Birna Brjánsdóttir to her memory. She was an innocent person who did nothing wrong and had never hurt anybody. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and met with a dreadful fate. Birna's mother Silla Hreinsdóttir appeared on news programme Kastljós last night and said that she didn't want the case to be named the Birna case.

Lorry carrying over a hundred piglets to the slaughterhouse is overturned

Many of the piglets were seriously injured and in shock.
24 piglets died in a car accident in South Iceland last night when a lorry carrying them to the slaughterhouse overturned. Most of the animals were injured and all suffered from shock.

Expects Icelandic national team to draw lots of attention

Víðir Reynisson, here in the middle, is expecting a busy time with the national team in Russia next summer.
Chief of security of the Icelandic national men's football team is already preparing for the team's participation in the FIFA World Cup in Russia next summer.

Minister of Finance steps down as leader of Iceland's Reform Party

Benedikt Jóhannesson, Minister of Finance and former party leader of the Reform Party.
Benedikt Jóhannesson, leader of the Reform Party has stepped down and Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir has replaced him.

Weather warning: Flooding and rockslides in West and North Iceland

Heavy rainfall today from Strandir in North-West Iceland, Siglufjörður and east towards Skjálfandi could cause flooding and danger of rock slides warns the Iceland Met Office.

Two people per month turn to transgender programme at Iceland's National University Hospital

Not everyone is born into a body that they feel comfortable with.
On average, two people turn to the transgender programme at the National University Hospital in Reykjavik per month. This number has been increasing over the past 3-4 years according to psychologist Elsa Bára Traustadóttir. A majority want to undergone hormone treatment but few undergo corrective surgery.

Icelandic President injured after fainting in his bathroom

Guðni Th.Jóhannesson , President of Iceland.
President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson had an accident last night. On his Facebook page he writes that «as he was enjoying a hot and comfortable bath,» he fainted, fell and hurt himself.

Denmark extends border controls by another six months

Immigration minister says extension is justified in the light of the threat of terrorism

Russia criticises ‘unfriendly’ Danish rhetoric

The Russian foreign ministry has responded to comments made by the Danish prime minister and defence minister yesterday

Museums Corner: Autumn break adventures with the family

Embark on a fun and colourful autumn break with the entire family, in and around Copenhagen. Art, animals and architecture are there for the taking. Spend a day in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tales This autumn break, the Princess and the Pea and other memorable characters from HC Andersen’s delightful fairy-tales will come alive at the … Continue reading Museums Corner: Autumn break adventures with the family

President of Iceland fainted and broke his nose after a hot bath

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the president of Iceland, fainted after getting up from a hot bath yesterday. According to a statement on his Facebook page, he cut his forehead and broke his nose when he fainted and fell. The president was not seriously harmed but was taken to the emergency room to get stitches and a […]

'One year in Sweden made me realize we can weather anything'

Madeleine Hyde, a philosophy researcher and English teacher based in Stockholm, reflects on her first year as a Brit in Sweden.

Could flights between the UK and EU really be grounded after Brexit?

The British Chancellor on Wednesday raised the possibility that a 'no deal' Brexit scenario could ground flights between the UK and other European countries.

Swedish government orders study into mental health conditions of transgender people

The Swedish government has ordered the Public Health Authority to carry out an in depth study into the living conditions and mental health of transgender people.

Freight train derails and catches fire in central Sweden

A train carrying dangerous goods derailed and caught fire in central Sweden early on Thursday morning.

Police divers find saw near Denmark submarine route

Police divers have found a saw close to the route sailed by Peter Madsen's UC3 Nautilus submarine.

Why these Viking burial clothes had inscriptions to Allah and Ali

Swedish researchers have found references to Allah and Ali on woven silk from ancient Viking graves, a discovery which gives new insight into the link between the Vikings and the Islamic world.

Swedish transport agencies targeted in cyber attack

Swedish transport authorities were hit by a cyber attack on Thursday morning, a day after trains were delayed as a result of another attack on IT systems monitoring railway traffic.

Eerie reminder of Baltic maritime disaster washes ashore

More than two decades after the sinking of MS Estonia, which claimed the lives of 852 people, a life buoy believed to be from the shipwreck has been found.

Four injured after shooting in Trelleborg, southern Sweden

One person has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a shooting in Trelleborg, southern Sweden, where four people were injured.

Prosecutors drop manslaughter probe over Macchiarini patients

Swedish prosecutors will not charge scandal-hit Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini with causing the deaths of three of his patients.

Police investigate blast in Malmö apartment block

A large explosion caused severe damage to an apartment building in the southern Swedish city of Malmö early on Friday morning, which police believe was caused by dynamite.

Recipe: How to make Swedish rosehip jelly

Whether you forage for your rosehips or get them from the store, they'll taste delicious in this jelly, which goes well with toast or roast meats. Food writer John Duxbury shares the recipe.

Google buys 109 hectares of land in rural Sweden

Google confirmed to The Local that the internet giant has acquired 109 hectares of land in Avesta municipality in the Dalarna region as part of its data centre strategy.

What happens when you put toddlers BEHIND the camera? Swedish researchers find out

Researchers at a Swedish university had a look at the world from a child's perspective by giving three-year-olds access to cameras, and the study revealed stark differences between how children and adults used the gadgets.

Norway's government wants to allow dual citizenship

Norway’s government is to pave the way towards allowing dual citizenship in the Scandinavian country, with a proposal to be put to parliament this autumn.

Could flights between the UK and EU really be grounded after Brexit?

The British Chancellor on Wednesday raised the possibility that a 'no deal' Brexit scenario could ground flights between the UK and other European countries.

Here’s what Norway’s new budget means

Higher fees on some electric and hybrid cars, changes to tax rules, and more expensive cinema and bus tickets are among the effects of the budget presented by Norway’s government on Thursday.

Norway seeks 'Tesla tax' on electric cars

Norway, a world leader of zero-emission vehicles, on Thursday proposed a «Tesla tax» aimed at cutting a tax advantage granted to large electric cars in a heavily criticised move.

Could flights between the UK and EU really be grounded after Brexit?

The British Chancellor on Wednesday raised the possibility that a 'no deal' Brexit scenario could ground flights between the UK and other European countries.

Unusually warm weather to Denmark this weekend

A period of unusually warm and dry weather for the time of year looks likely to reach Denmark over the coming days.

Police divers find saw near Denmark submarine route

Police divers have found a saw close to the route sailed by Peter Madsen's UC3 Nautilus submarine.

Air pollution kills over 500,000 Europeans a year: Copenhagen agency

Air pollution causes more than 500,000 premature deaths across Europe each year despite «slowly» improving air quality on the continent, the EU's environment authority said Wednesday.

Denmark extends border control until May 2018

The Danish government has extended control of the southern border with Germany until May 12th next year, citing migration as a key concern.

Failed asylum seekers travelling from Germany pose terror threat, claims Denmark

The Danish government announced on Thursday that it was extending controls at its border with Germany. In a letter to the EU, Copenhagen cited the security risk posed by people fleeing deportation orders south of the border.

Denmark could block Russian pipeline

Denmark is considering passing a law that could block a disputed Russian pipeline project which would run through the NATO member's territory due to security concerns.

Denmark submarine captain refuses to answer police questions

Submarine owner Peter Madsen, who is suspected of killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, is now refusing to answer further police questions after new evidence was found.

Immigration minister Støjberg gave incorrect information during parliament hearing

Denmark’s immigration minister Inger Støjberg gave incorrect information during a parliamentary hearing over an illegal directive.

Security at Norwegian nuclear plant 'inadequate': report

International security regulations are being breached at Norway’s nuclear power plant at Kjeller, according to a new review.

Edvard Munch works to be displayed at Oslo Airport

Thousands of travellers passing through Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport will soon have the added pleasure of viewing an authentic Edvard Munch.

Swedish candymakers Cloetta wrapped up in insider trading probe

Senior staff at Swedish confectionery firm Cloetta are being investigated on suspicion of possible insider trading, the Swedish Economic Crime Authority has said.

How Sweden's ancient language Elfdalian is being saved by Minecraft

A group of international language enthusiasts has come up with a way to save one of Sweden's most ancient and endangered languages – by recreating the village where it is spoken in Minecraft.

Denmark submarine captain refuses to answer police questions

Submarine owner Peter Madsen, who is suspected of killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, is now refusing to answer further police questions after new evidence was found.

Gold coin sheds new light on 5th-century Swedish island massacre

The discovery of gold rings and coins on a Swedish island sheds new light on the history of the area, and could give insight into the motives for a massacre which took place in the fifth century, archaeologists told The Local on Wednesday.

Is This the Hardest Karaoke Song in the World?

The Icelandic comedian Steindi Jr. is in Inspired by Iceland‘s newest video, where he sings the world‘s hardest karaoke song. Vísir reports this. Promote Iceland has used the brand Inspired by Iceland to promote Iceland since 2010. The karaoke song is mostly in English but dotted in between are Icelandic words, which make the song […]

Iceland the smallest nation to ever qualify for the FIFA World Cup!

The Icelandic men‘s national football team won Kosovo 2-0 last night, which gave them the top spot in their round and thus qualified for the FIFA World Cup in Russia next year. This is the first time Iceland has ever qualified for a FIFA world cup tournament. Gylfi Sigurðsson, who plays for Everton, and Jóhann […]

'Sweden is not a place to come and try your luck'

Rosario, Argentina, is about as disconnected from Sweden as it gets according to Anibal Brunelli, who swapped his home nation for the Scandinavian country four years ago.

Sweden's party leaders clash in heated TV debate

Tempers flared as the eight party leaders traded jabs in a heated televised debate with less than a year to go to Sweden's next general election.

Why behavioural economics can protect you against marketing tricks: Nobel Prize explained

One of the members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences explains to The Local why research about human behaviour won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Malmö to share hosting duties of World Pride 2021

The world's largest pride festival is coming to Sweden, with the southern city of Malmö sharing hosting duties with Danish capital Copenhagen for the event's 2021 edition.

Council of Europe criticizes Swedish asylum laws

The Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights has called on Sweden to improve its asylum laws, particularly in cases involving unaccompanied minors.

Sweden experiences three seasons in one day

Sweden is currently experiencing three different seasons, so depending on where you are in the country, it could be summer, autumn, or winter.

Sweden summons Turkey ambassador after Swedish citizen charged

Sweden summoned Turkey's ambassador on Monday over concerns that a Swedish citizen, among 11 other activists, risks up to 15 years in prison in a case that has sparked international outrage.

Man jailed over stolen truck rampage

A 39-year-old man who stole a truck and drove through a Swedish town, ramming several other vehicles, has been sentenced to nine months in jail, writes regional newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren.

How Brexit made me quit my job, pack up my life and move to Sweden

OPINION: The result of the UK's Brexit vote has had far-reaching implications for many Brits. The Local contributor Ellie Day writes about how that, and a sense of not wanting to lose her European identity, made her take a leap of faith, quit her job in London… and move to Sweden.

Meet the Swede who makes the world's best porridge

Swedes have proved themselves the global masters of porridge making with a double win at the 24th annual World Porridge Making Championships.

Ikea launches new collection of furniture for pets

Swedish-founded furniture giant Ikea is beloved by humans across the country and the globe — and now their pets can share in the joy.

Swedish National Institute of Economic Research criticizes government budget

Sweden needs a tougher fiscal policy by 2019, The Swedish National Institute of Economic Research (KI) said on Tuesday.

Afghan deportation flight takes off despite protest

A flight deporting refugees from Sweden to Afghanistan departed on Tuesday evening despite protests from human rights organizations and members of the public.

Six tasty seasonal Swedish foods for the autumn

It's autumn and that means the weather is changing in Sweden. It's getting colder and darker, but do not despair: enjoy the abundance of tasty treats autumn has to offer.

Trains delayed after IT glitch hits rail services

Train passengers suffered delays on Wednesday morning after an IT glitch affected railway traffic across large parts of Sweden.

Mayor seeks ban on diesel cars in Copenhagen after 2019

As part of a wider proposal to combat air pollution in the city, Frank Jensen wants to cut the number of diesel cars

Donald Tusk coming to Copenhagen

President of the European Council to discuss future of EU with PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen